Weegeedisciplemaster is a former MFBclub member, and a former officer of the WEEGEE-SS during the Recolor Wars.

WeegeeDiscipleMaster started his career in 2008 as Weegee232 before becoming

WeegeeDiscipleMaster in 2009. He joined the Mahzii's shortly after joining but would eventually join the Weegee Army under the command of TheRealVVeegee. He was a loose participant in the recolor wars and the fakegee wars. After the Weegee Army died and youtube got omega-AIDS from Google, WDM joined MFBhasreturned on Xat. He participated in the ousting of Doomer and was friends with Mangoman and Murkekow

Weegeedisciplemaster disappeared sometime in 2013 and has yet to be heard from.